What's New?

About a month ago, we visited two Holocaust survivors after their apartment was broken into and completely ransacked. The elderly couple, who has been living in the same apartment for 40 years, have felt restless and anxious since the break-in occurred. Our team came to support and reassure them, and we sponsored the installation of security bars in the balcony to prevent a future break-in. This week, we were thrilled to see the installation of the bars in the apartment completed.

The IDF provides shoes for soldiers, but they are fairly simple and are not very comfortable for the tasks combat soldiers have to perform, such as walking in the wilderness and carrying heavy equipment. VFI decided to provide soldiers from a paratroop combat unit with special boots. The boots are made in Germany, shock-absorbant, waterproof, breathable and lightweight. The soldiers used the shoes for a week of drills and came back with great reports and appreciation.

The biggest snowstorm of last winter caught everyone in Israel by surprise, and many people were not prepared, so over the last few weeks, VFI's team has been working hard to prepare the elderly and needy for the winter and the coming storm. The storm has arrived, bringing snow, sleet and rain to Jerusalem, the Galilee, Golan Heights and other areas of the nation.

Acclaimed around the world as some of the most anointed Messianic praise artists of the last two decades, Barry and Batya Segal’s music is a unique blend of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Western worship styles. Experience the beautiful sounds and sights of Israel at YouTube.com/VisionForIsrael, or purchase the music at www.GreetingsForJerusalem.com or on iTunes.

On our Roots & Reflections tours, we invite seekers to “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8) through an exploration of Israel that engages all the senses. Rather than merely read about the Jordan River, participants experience it firsthand, rafting on the water and learning Biblical history as we go. The Land itself has so many spiritual lessons to learn when led by the Ruach Hakodesh. We developed a teaching ministry that, modeled after the example Yeshua set, has the Land of Israel itself play a crucial role in the world.

“Should I buy medicine or food this month?” It is a question asked all too often by those in Israel inflicted with both sickness and poverty, and aid from Vision for Israel is their most desperate need. With sharply rising healthcare costs, more people need our help than ever before. The government pays for the medical expenses for the poorest 10% of the population, but those slightly above the cut-off are left in an unfortunate gap – not poor enough to be provided for, but too poor to provide for themselves.

Believers across the world are thirsting for accurate news concerning Israel and the Middle East. The Jerusalem News Network offers an analysis of breaking Israeli news from a Biblical perspective. So much of the news coming out of the Middle East is plagued by sensationalism and bias against Israel. JNN serves as an anchor of truth for those desiring to understand what is happening on the ground in the Holy Land. As God is not the author of confusion, we endeavor to hear from the Lord in Jerusalem and pass on what is most important for prayer and reflection.

According to a report published by the Israel Defense Forces personnel directorate, IDF soldiers on welfare rose by 70 percent between 2006 and 2011. Assistance is especially critical for “lone soldiers” who have emigrated to Israel from all over the world and now serve their new country far from their friends and family they left behind. As parents of two children who served in the I.D.F., we feel tremendous gratitude toward these soldiers. We understand their sacrifices and stand in the gap for them.

For people of faith, study has always ranked highly as a virtue. As prosperous and successful Israel has been since its rebirth as a nation, its primary and secondary educational system is widely acknowledged as a huge point of weakness for the country’s continued growth. To help alleviate this problem, we at Vision for Israel have donated well over 200,000 school bags filled with academic supplies and hundreds of vouchers for needy children, both Jewish and Arab, to buy textbooks.

Vision for Israel’s international humanitarian aid center serves the needy in Israel, both Jewish and Arab. As a wave of poverty dims the promise of the Promised Land, The Joseph Storehouse distributes a full range of items, from medical equipment to food and clothing, among other necessities. We act as the hand of mercy to struggling orphans and widows, the homeless, the disabled, the elderly, new immigrants and victims of terror by distributing supplies weekly to those in need.