Asher's Celebration: Bar Mitzvah for a Boy at Risk

Every week we hear heart-wrenching stories about children and families who are going through unimaginable pain. One of them is Asher*. Asher is the son of parents who were not able to take care of him. His father is addicted to drugs, and his mom is not functioning well and cannot raise him. Asher and his brother were removed from their home, and two years ago Asher arrived at a special children's home in Jerusalem, where he lives with six other children and adoptive parents.


Asher's father is not in contact with him, and Asher misses him and is hungry for attention and a deep, meaningful relationship with those surrounding him. When Asher reached age 13, there was no one to fund a bar mitzvah celebration for him. 


As part of the vast support that VFI gives children at risk, we like to help children like Asher. We were approached by the children's home with a request to help with the expenses of the bar mitzvah celebration. Of course we were happy to help and funded the food, photographer, and DJ to make the celebration special and festive for Asher.

Our team came to the celebration to take part in Asher's joyful event. We were very moved to see how the staff put the event together. It was especially moving to see Asher's friends and biological family holding hands with the adoptive family, happy, embracing, and dancing with Asher.


Asher couldn't believe that something good could ever happen to him due to the traumatic events in his life. The bar mitzvah was a corrective experience for him, showing him that promises are kept and good things can happen to him.


*Name has been changed.