Car Donation to a Children's Village

In the children's village Kfar Ada in the north of Israel live 80 children, some orphans, who have been removed from their homes after being neglected and suffering violence and rejection. The children arrive at the village broken, carrying extremely traumatic experiences, and the staff is doing everything they can to give them a loving and supportive environment to fulfill their needs.
Recently, the car that served the village for many years broke down beyond repair, and that made it very difficult to continue functioning properly. Anyone who takes care of children knows the importance of having a vehicle, which can be a crucial part of raising kids. The need to drive the kids to school, activities, doctor visits, friends, etc., is indisputable. The children's village also needs the vehicle for emergencies that arise.

We were approached by the children's village with a request to help them purchase a new vehicle. We were happy to jump in and donated half the funds needed for a new vehicle. It is our hope and prayer that these children will see better days and have a bright future!