Feeding the Body and the Brain

Most of the students at Amit High School in Jerusalem come from complicated socioeconomic backgrounds. Many of them suffer from a lack of food at home, and they arrive at school hungry, without having eaten breakfast. The hunger bothers them until lunchtime, which affects their studying. We recognize the importance of healthy nutrition for students and therefore started donating food supplies to the school so they can provide the students with breakfast.

Recently, we received a thank-you letter from the school's principal, saying:

"Thanks to your generous donation, the children now receive breakfast as well, which consists of sandwiches and fruit/vegetables. . . . Each day they have a choice of 2–3 spreads.

This is the time to emphasize that the fact that they arrive and eat breakfast contributes a lot to their ability to concentrate, improves their ongoing functionality significantly, and increases their chances to succeed in their studies.

As a high school that is responsible for work with the most complex youth in the education system, we have a social and moral responsibility to ensure that we are making the utmost efforts to increase the success rate of this special youth in school. Their success in school has a profound effect on their personal future and the future of the society in Israel."

We are happy to take part in this important effort, to increase the chances for success within these youth, for a better future.