Israel World's Eighth Most Powerful Nation

“I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Gen. 12: 2-3

ISRAEL WORLD’S EIGHTH MOST POWERFUL NATION: A prestigious USA-based magazine said that Israel is the eighth most powerful nation in the world, ahead of international heavyweights such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Canada, and Singapore. "Israel, the only Jewish nation in the world, is a small country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. For its relatively small size, the country has played a large role in global affairs. The country has a strong economy and landmarks of significance to several religions," wrote the USA News and World Report's annual ranking of 'Best Countries'. "Israel has a technologically advanced market economy with cut diamonds, high-technology equipmentand pharmaceuticals among its major exports. The country is very highly developed in terms of life expectancy, education, per capita income and other human development index indicators." Following Israel was Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and South Korea. Topping the list was the United States, Russia, and China." (Arutz-7)

ISRAELI RESEARCHERS EXPERIMENTING WITH LATE-STAGE CANCER CURE: Israeli scientists are experimenting with immunotherapy, which manipulates one's immune system to identify, fight and destroy cancer cells. While immunotherapy has been around for decades, new advances in the field coupled with recent drug approvals from the USA Food & Drug Administration have intensified interest in immunotherapy and its applications for cancer treatment, especially late-stage cancers that resist conventional treatments. Immunotherapy drugs already are helping patients with melanoma, lung, stomach, liver and bladder cancers, as well as some blood cancers. “Recent developments in immunotherapy have ushered in a medical revolution, representing a real paradigm shift in cancer treatment,” said Dr. Mark Israel, national executive director of the Israel Cancer Research Fund. “Cancer immunotherapy is exciting because, as opposed to other forms of therapy, it engages the body’s own highly sensitive system for detecting cancer cells and destroying them,” Israel said. Dr. Nathan Karin, an Israeli immunologist and his team are studying whether the cellular mechanisms driving autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis can be utilized to create immunotherapy drugs to fight cancer. They are researching the interplay between two types of cells vital to the immune system: regulatory T cells and effector T cells. By suppressing effector T cells, they impede the immune system’s ability to fight cancer. “We believe that if you amplify regulatory T cells you can treat autoimmune disease, and if you block their activity you can thwart cancer,” Karin said. (INN) Intercede for cancer cures at all stages of its development to be soon discovered and put into use.

GROUND SHAKES AGAIN IN TIBERIAS AREA: An earthquake of 3.2 magnitude was felt Monday evening 9 July 2018 in the area of Tiberias. This was the ninth earthquake in the area in recent days. Earlier Monday, Home Front Command teams began mapping the dangerous structures in the city, which are liable to be hit by a strong earthquake. In recent days, city residents reported damage caused to various buildings due to the wave of earthquakes. These are mainly minor damages. The Defense Ministry announced earlier this week it will hold a special conference to plan protection against earthquakes. The Knesset's Home Front Subcommittee will convene and discuss earthquake preparations. (INN) Continue to intercede for the safety of Israel’s residents in the Tiberias area in light of the multiple earthquakes that have taken place daily during the past week. Pray for families to stock their homes with food and medical supplies and equipment in case of an emergency. Most importantly pray against this threat of a natural disaster in Israel’s north.

HELP DISADVANTAGED ISRAELI CHILDREN START THE SCHOOL YEAR WITH CONFIDENCE: Vision for Israel has known repeatedly the great joy of blessing Israeli children with beautiful new backpacks and school supplies for the academic year. Since we began this project in 1998 we have distributed over 214,500 school packs to needy children, both Jewish and Arab, throughout the State of Israel. With each delivery we see the faces of children light up. Their glow of happiness becomes infectious as they eagerly opened their brand new packs and begin to explore what is inside. Help us to prepare for Israel's new school year this coming fall. Every $25 allows us to provide another pack and supplies. Your donations are urgent and welcomed at Make your online donations today. For residents in the UK and outside North America visit our website at

GAZA CURRICULUM: ‘HOW SHALL WE KILL AN ISRAELI’? A military training camp in the Gaza Strip has started a new project for training Palestinian youngsters under the course title “How will we kill an Israeli?” In the course curriculum, the youngsters, who study at school and are recruited by Palestinian military groups, learn methods of attacking and killing Jews. This military training camp, was established with the cooperation and financial support of the Iranian regime. Specifically, the paramilitary personnel of the Revolutionary Guards’ army, provides courses for 14-year and up youngsters, so that they shoot at targets made to look like Israelis whom the trainers of this camp call “usurpers and terrorists”. Within these lessons, people dressed in Israeli soldiers’ uniforms appear and the Palestinian Arab youngsters attack them while shouting “Allah akhbar”. The use of an M-16 rifle, shooting at targets resembling Israeli soldiers, along with other skills, are taught even to elementary school children in grades 4 and 5. A spokesperson for the Resistance Committees of the People of Palestine this month acknowledged “all the world knows that Iran has always been the protector and supporter of the Palestinian people and resistance.” (INN)

PA TV TO PREGNANT PALESTINIANS: YOUR BABY IS A ‘MARTYR FOR PALESTINE’: The Palestinian Authority has managed to turn congratulating pregnant women into an issue of supporting terrorism. The PA’s official television and radio stations have broadcast a song numerous times expressing the wish to expectant mothers that their child will grow up to be “a proud martyr for Palestine.” The notion of “fetus to martyr” has been used before by the Palestinian leadership. Palestinian Media Watch documented a Hamas imam preaching that every Muslim fetus seeks Jihad. “The Palestinian fetus in its mother’s womb, the Muslim fetus throughout the world in its mother’s womb, call on Muslims to unite through fear of Allah, through pleasing Him, and through choosing Jihad and Resistance,” he said. (Breitbart) Heartbreaking but true: Palestinians from the womb to the grave are programmed to believe that the murder of Israel’s Jews is the highest goal to be achieved in life. Palestinian children’s television programs promote Jihad as do summer camps, school books and government and religious leaders. Mother’s celebrate the loss of their sons and daughters while carrying out terrorist attacks as heroic deaths. Please continue to intercede for these children that they may learn a better way of life and recognize early on the deep deceptions permeating their society that they must cast off and stand against.

BRITAIN TO REVIEW INCITEMENT IN PA TEXTBOOKS: The British government and other donors to the Palestinian Authority (PA) education system will undertake a review of incitement against Israel and Jews in Palestinian textbooks, media sources reported on 6 July 2018. “There is no place in education for materials or practices that incite young minds toward violence,” said Parliament member Alistair Burt. “Our continued support will come with a strong challenge to the Palestinian Authority on education-sector incitement,” he added. “We are in the final stages of discussions to take forward a textbook review jointly with other donors.” The review should be completed by September 2019, said Burt, and will be “evidence-based and rigorous.”

Examples were quoted from a report in October 2017. One book for 11th graders, “Islamic Education, Vol. 1,” states that: “The corruption of the children of Israel in the land was and will be the cause of their annihilation.” Another book for 10th graders, titled “Arabic Language, Vol. 1,” ignores Jewish presence in the Land of Israel or depicts it as a common cause against which Muslims and Christians must do battle. In 2016, Britain suspended millions of pounds-worth of aid payments to the Palestinian Authority amid claims taxpayers cash is ending up in the hands of terrorists. The move came after furious British MPs demanded action following revelations that UK aid supposedly paying for civil servants in Gaza was being transferred to the Palestine Liberation Organization. Meanwhile, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop recently announced that Australia would cease its funding to the PA altogether over its salaries for terrorists jailed in Israel, including murderers. (INN)

ISRAEL HITS IRANIAN FORCES IN SYRIA: A Syrian airbase used by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was targeted in a series of airstrikes Sunday night, 8 July 2018. According to a report by Syria’s state-controlled SANA news agency, the T-4 airbase in Syria was attacked by fighter planes which approached from the south. A Syrian military official was quoted as saying that Israeli fighter jets were responsible for the attack. The source added that despite heavy surface-to-air fire from Syria’s anti-air defense network, including a large number of S-200 missile batteries, at least one Israeli jet managed to score a hit on the T-4 airbase. Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said that a missile bombardment killed an unspecified number of "Iranian and pro-regime fighters" at the T-4 base and was "likely to be Israeli". There has been no official confirmation from Israeli military officials regarding the report. Earlier on Sunday, Israeli PM Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s long-standing demand that Iran remove its forces from Syria. “We will not tolerate the establishment of a military presence by Iran and its proxies anywhere in Syria – not close to the border and not far away from it.” Israeli aircraft have struck the T-4 airbase repeatedly in the past, targeting the Iranian military forces stationed at the facility.

KLM, CMA CGM JOIN COMPANIES PULLING BUSINESS FROM IRAN OVER REIMPOSED USA SANCTIONS: Dutch airline KLM and cargo shipping leader CMA CGM have joined the growing list of major multinational companies ending their business with Iran because of reimposed USA sanctions. Since early May - when President Trump withdrew the USA from the Obama-era nuclear agreement with Iran - shipping firm A.P. Moller-Maersk of Denmark, French carmaker PSA Group and French oil major Total have also suspended multibillion-dollar projects. CMA CGM- the world’s third largest container shipping fleet, announced over the weekend it would stop its work in Iran for fear that new sanctions could disrupt its USA business. Meanwhile, KLM, which resumed service to Iran after the nuclear deal was signed in 2015, said all flights to Tehran will soon be suspended. It also cited pressure from the hardening USA stance. (Washington Times)

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