More Jews In Israel Than in The USA

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Rom. 12:12

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IT’S OFFICIAL – MORE JEWS IN ISRAEL THAN USA: Israeli Jews now constitute the largest Jewish community in the world, a government minister said Mon. 2 July 2018 surpassing the American Jewish community by nearly one million people. Since World War II, the United States has been home to the world’s largest Jewish community. Numbering some four million people at the outbreak of the Second World War, the American Jewish community grew rapidly in the immediate post-war era, rising to five-and-a-half million by 1970. The Jewish population of Israel has increased steadily since the establishment of the state in 1948, rising from some 650,000 in 1948 to 1.8 million a decade later. By 1980, there were 3.2 million Jews living in Israel, rising to 5.8 million by 2010. According to official numbers collected by the Israeli government and provided by Immigration Minister Sofa Landver, some 5.7 million Jews now live in the USA, compared to 6.6 million in Israel. Speaking at a meeting of the Knesset’s Committee for Immigration, Landver discussed the demographic shift in the world Jewish community, and her ministry’s efforts to ease the immigration process for Jews seeking to make Aliyah to Israel. “We are working to reduce administrative obstacles, and we’ve increased the number of languages available in service centers,” said Landver. After Israel and the United States, the largest Jewish communities are in France, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Russia. (Arutz-7) Please intercede that bureaucracy, language barriers, expenses involved in obtaining and translating necessary documents, especially in Eastern Europe, and other countries that are struggling financially, will be greatly reduced. There are many Jews that would like to make Israel their home but the daunting immigration process keeps them from taking the necessary steps to do so.

WESTERN NATIONS DE-FACTO BOYCOTT CONDEMNATION OF ISRAEL AT UNHCR: The UN Human Rights Council's mandate requires a debate on Israeli actions against the Palestinians at every council session under Agenda Item 7. Western nations held a defacto boycott of the Agenda Item 7 debate against Israel at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Mon. 2 July 2018. Only 22%, 43 nations out of the 193 UN countries who could have taken the floor, stood up to condemn Israel. The silence marked a slim sign of continued success for the Israeli and USA campaign to abolish the UNRHC mandate that requires a debate on Israeli actions against the Palestinians at every council session under Agenda Item 7. All other alleged human rights abuses around the globe are dealt with under Agenda Item 4, save for Israel, which is the only country with a permanent dedicated agenda item. But in the last five years, European and Western countries, even those among Israel’s harshest critics such as Ireland, have increasingly refrained from speaking under Agenda Item 7. (J.Post) Intercede that this slow struggle to remove the blatantly anti-Israel item 7 from the UNHRC’s annual agenda is removed or abandoned by all nations on the Council.

BRONZE COIN FROM 4TH YEAR OF GREAT REVOLT FOUND AT NATIONAL PARK: A bronze coin from the fourth year of the Great Revolt was discovered at the archaeological sifting project at Emek Zurim National Park, the City of David announced this week. The coin, minted by Jews in the year 69 AD, a year before the destruction of the Second Temple, features the words “For the Redemption of Zion” in ancient Hebrew script, with an image of a goblet under the inscription. On the back of the coin is an image of the four plant species of Talmudic tradition and the words “Year Four” – representing the fourth year of the Jewish rebellion against the Romans. In the year 70 AD, the revolt was subdued and the Second Temple destroyed. The coins were discovered as part of the “Archaeological Experience” activity offered to the general public at the sifting project run by the City of David at Emek Zurim National Park. The project offers participants, together with archaeologists, the opportunity to sift through artifact-rich soil from excavations held by the Antiquities Authority at the City of David and throughout ancient Jerusalem. (J.Post)

REPORT: ISRAEL ATTACKS IRANIAN WEAPONS DEPOTS IN SYRIA: Media outlets affiliated with the Syrian opposition reported on Tues. 3 July 2018 that Israel had attacked warehouses of weapons used by Iranian militias near the Dara-Damascus road. The Syrian Center for Monitoring Human Rights reported that the explosions were heard in the north of Daraa, in an area controlled by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad's forces. Assad's army has recently been operating with Russian air support to capture the city of Dara, which is considered the symbol of the rebel movement. Last week, PM Netanyahu referred to Israel's attacks on Syria and said at the graduation ceremony of the pilots' course that "We blew up Iran's cash machine. The ones who provided the most cash to Iran were stopped short, and the Iranian people are feeling it in their pockets." Netanyahu went on to say that the IDF, and the Air Force, will continue to act with force against Iranian targets in the area. "The welfare and security of the residents of Israel’s north and south, like that of all other Israeli citizens, is at the top of our priority list. Trust that we are acting responsibly and reasonably, in accordance with Israeli interests. We have no intention of being dragged. We intend to lead. We will do what is necessary, the way it is necessary, when it is necessary.” (Arutz-7)

IDF SENDS REINFORCEMENTS TO BORDER WITH SYRIA BUT SAYS WILL NOT GET INVOLVED IN ITS CIVIL WAR: The Israel Defense Forces has sent armored and artillery reinforcements to its northern border with Syria as the war between the country’s army and rebels continues to escalate. The forces were deployed on 1 July 2018 due to “developments” in the Syrian Golan Heights near the border with Israel. The IDF said that it will “continue its non-intervention policy in the Syrian conflict, while reacting firmly to cases in which Israeli sovereignty or civilians are threatened. Humanitarian assistance has been provided by Israel for many years and continues today, in light of the existing need,” the statement also said. Israeli PM Netanyahu discussed the Syria situation at the start of Sunday’s weekly Cabinet meeting. “Regarding southern Syria, we will continue to defend our borders. We will extend humanitarian assistance to the extent of our abilities. We will not allow entry into our territory and we will demand that the 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement with the Syrian army be strictly upheld,” Netanyahu said. The prime minister added: “I am in continual contact with the White House and the Kremlin on this matter. The Defense Minister and the Chief-of-Staff are in similar contact with their counterparts in both the USA and Russia.”

Since the Syrian army began focusing last month on the rebel-held Daraa region in southern Syria, some 160,000 Syrian nationals have fled their homes and traveled to the borders of Israel and Jordan, where they feel they will be more protected. In recent days Israel has transferred hundreds of tons of food, equipment and medicine to the displaced Syrians. Over the weekend, six Syrians, including four children, who were seriously injured, were brought into Israel in what the IDF called a “unique and complex medical operation,” and given medical treatment. (JTA)

UN CALLS FOR ARMED GROUPS TO LEAVE GOLAN ‘AREA OF SEPARATION’: The UN Security Council last week unanimously renewed for six months its mission to observe the ceasefire in the Golan Heights, calling for armed groups to leave the Syria-Israel border area. UNDOF, which comprises nearly a thousand personnel, was created in 1974 after an agreement on the departure of Israeli and Syrian forces from Golan. Part of the Golan belongs to Israel, while another part is controlled by Syria. Currently, the only fighting in the Golan occurs on the Syrian side of the border and is due to the Syrian civil war. "There should be no military forces in the area of separation other than those of UNDOF," reads the resolution drafted by the United States and Russia. The text condemns "the continued fighting in the area of separation" and calls on "all parties to the Syrian domestic conflict to cease military actions in the UNDOF area of operations." It "stresses the obligation on both parties to scrupulously and fully respect the terms of the 1974 Disengagement of Forces Agreement." "There should be no military activity of any kind in the area of separation," either by the Syrian military or opposition forces, it said. (Arutz-7)

PALESTINIANS PLANNING MASS PROTESTS AGAINST TRUMP’S PEACE PLAN: Palestinian activists in Judea & Samaria said this wee they have received a green light from the Palestinian Authority to organize protests against USA President Donald Trump’s yet-to-be-unveiled plan for peace in the Middle East. The decision to launch the protests came following the recent visit to the region by USA envoys Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt. The Palestinians believe the two emissaries, who did not meet with any representative of the Palestinian Authority, [having been refused meetings by PA chief Mahmound Abbas during their visit], came to the region to lay the final touches on the Trump plan before presenting it to Israel and the Arab countries. Trump has referred to his upcoming plan as the “deal of the century,” while PA President Abbas and other Palestinians have denounced it as the “slap of the century.” “We believe that the countdown for publicly announcing the Trump plan has begun,” a senior PA official in Ramallah told media sources. “This is why we have decided to act quickly in order to thwart this evil plan, which is aimed at liquidating our national rights and the entire Palestinian cause.” The first protest took take in Ramallah on Mon. 2 July. The protest in Ramallah will be followed by similar demonstrations in other Palestinian communities in the coming days and weeks. (J.Post) Intercede for the protection of Israel’s Jewish individuals, neighborhoods and communities during these demonstrations - also for the safety of Israel’s security personnel and police who will be called upon to suppress violence and destruction of lives and property during these Palestinian anti-peace plan campaigns.

IRANIAN COMMANDER ACCUSES ISRAEL OF STEALING IRAN’S CLOUDS AND CAUSING DROUGHT: Iranian Brig.-Gen. Gholam Reza Jalali has accused Israel of stealing its clouds in order to cause drought in the Islamic Republic. "Foreign interference is suspected to have played a role in climate change," said Jalali, who insisted results from an Iranian scientific study "confirms" the claim. "Israel and another countries in the region have joint teams which work to ensure clouds entering Iranian skies are unable to release rain." (UK Daily Mail) Sigh…meanwhile Israel has gone through four years of drought yet refrains from making such paranoid, ridiculous comments against Iran. Please begin now to pray for and abundant rainfall in Israel this coming rainy season and for an end to the waterless years.

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Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff