Scholarships for Children at Risk

Hamifal Organization has been one of our longest standing relationships in the history of VFI. The organization educates children who come from difficult family backgrounds and face academic, emotional, and social problems. Vision for Israel donated scholarships to 22 of the students. These students demonstrated excellence in academic and social achievements as well as contributing to the community. The children received the scholarships during a fun day at a water park that is held annually.

Batya Segal arrived at the event and was excited to give the scholarships personally to these amazing children, who have come a long way to reach where they are today. 

Soon after the event, we received a moving letter from the CEO of the organization:

"As you know, the children who take refuge in our frameworks arrive with huge academic gaps, emotional and social difficulties, and a heavy emotional burden. . . . We strive to give them the best, and as many tools for their success.

Your donation truly helps them understand that hard work pays off. Thanks to the scholarships, each one of them can fulfil a dream.

We are convinced that internalizing values of maximizing abilities and excellence will be a light unto their feet and will become a way of life.

Thank you for participating in our celebration and for your ongoing support."

It is a great privilege for us to express appreciation to these dear children and to encourage them to continue and always aspire to go higher despite the difficulties.