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Scholarships for Victims of Terror Students

This month we partnered with the Organization for Terror Victims for the fourth time in their annual scholarships program. In a moving ceremony, 54 terror victims received scholarships for higher education. The participants enjoyed a lecture by lawyer Eran Katz, an author and Guinness World Record breaker who is a pro in memory exercises. His lecture was about memory and learning methods.

Many esteemed guests came to the event. Among them was Batya Segal, cofounder of Vision for Israel. Batya shares about the moving event:

"We met with a few families that we know from previous events for terror victims, each one with his or her personal tragedy, each one with a long rehabilitation process. We were especially moved to see everyone, all so brave, and the real heroes that decided, despite the limitations, to deal with the difficulties, to overcome them, and to continue into higher education.

Many of them study teaching. It's so rewarding to take part in the real rehabilitation of a terror victim. To invest in those who have studied in the school of life what no school can teach them. And yet, they desire to continue on a path of studying teaching, to educate others, to invest in engineering studies, medicine studies, and more.

There is an old proverb that says, 'Give a hungry person a fish, and he will be filled for one day. Give him a fishing rod, and he will be filled for the rest of his life.' This is how we felt on this occasion as representatives of the organization. Each scholarship is a fishing rod that will help them be filled and full of satisfaction."