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Our vision

Our VIsion

Vision for Israel & The Joseph Storehouse is a non-profit organization founded by Barry & Batya Segal in 1994, out of the desire to help build and restore the Land of Israel. VFI provides aid to poor and needy people from all backgrounds, living in the nation of Israel today.


Barry Segal

President at Vision for Israel

Batya Segal

Co-Founder of The Joseph Storehouse

Deborah Shokes

Administrator and Coordinator for the United States

Susie Gray

Administrator for the United Kingdom

Karl-Eglof and Stephanie Hartel

Administrators and Coordinators for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Paul and Irene Selier

Administrators for the Netherlands




The story of Vision for Israel began in 1993 – long before the Second Intifada – when Barry Segal received a powerful vision that Israel would experience a time of plenty and then of anguish, similar to the Biblical tale of Joseph. Alongside his wife, Batya, Barry followed G-d's guidance and founded Vision for Israel, determined to help the poor and needy families in the Land.



In 1994, this young ministry reached out and began offering financial aid to poor and needy families around Israel.




The extraordinary story took a tragic turn in February of 1996, when the Segal family was touched by the pain that affects far too many Israelis. Barry and Batya’s older daughter lost three teenage friends in a bus that was attacked by a Hamas suicide bomber. Then, less than two weeks later, a girl who fought alongside her in the army was murdered when another Hamas terrorist blew up a different bus on the same route. These were the buses that Barry and Batya's daughter rode each week. During Passover in 1996, Barry and Batya responded by assisting the families torn apart by terrorism, leading to what would become one of VFI's most important tasks - assisting the families of victims of terrorism.



The year of 1998 was a year of great "firsts." Seeking to help even further, in January of 1998, the Segals opened the first humanitarian aid center, The Joseph Storehouse, just outside of Jerusalem and began to assist hundreds of victims of terrorism each year. The first container of humanitarian aid arrived just in time for Passover. The first VFI volunteers arrived to help at The Joseph Storehouse. It was here that Vision for Israel & The Joseph Storehouse grew to be an international non-profit organization that supplies essential humanitarian aid to impoverished Israelis – both Jews and Arabs – and helps local Israeli organizations that are in desperate need of many important supplies. Vision for Israel has also been a source of spiritual aid to the nations through the Jerusalem News Network (www.jnnnews.com), which spreads accurate information and guidelines for prayer concerning Israel.



In 1999, Vision for Israel opened another storehouse in Savannah, Georgia, USA. This year was also the beginning of the Pack to School project which would launch in 2002, aimed to provide school supplies to needy children in Israel. The aid increased as The Joseph Storehouse opened in Storrington, West Sussex, England.



In the new millenium, Vision for Israel opened a branch in Munich, Germany, the first official branch in central Europe. The Joseph Storehouse Trust was established in England, and a warehouse dedicated to medical aid was opened in Moshav Beit Nequofa on the hills of Jerusalem, in the same area as the first warehouse.



In 2005, Vision for Israel's medical aid reached beyond the borders of Israel to Sri Lanka, shortly after the country was hit by teh Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. VFI also joined with organizations in the U.S.A. to provide aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina from the Houston branch of The Joseph Storehouse.



In 2006, aid was distributed to families of northern Israel and south Lebanese refugees after rockets were sent from Hezbollah in the Second Lebanon War. This year also saw the first Lone Soldiers project in which those who have come from around the world to defend Israel in the IDF are provided with necessities and gifts.



In 2009, land was purchased in Modi'in, Israel, to establish The Millennium Center, a new headquarters for Vision for Israel and The Joseph Storehouse.



After the building permit was issued in 2013, construction began for the new Millennium Center.



Vision for Israel provides medical kits to Rescuers Without Borders to care for hundreds of injured earthquake victims in Nepal.
The concrete shell for the Millennium Center is completed. Now begins Stage 3 of the building process.
In July, Vision for Israel provided over 200,000 school packs since we first began the project in 1999 to over 200,000 Jewish and Arab children throughout Israel, including all minority groups amongst the population.